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No matter how hard you try, you will NEVER control anyone else's attitudes, actions, or outcomes. The only person that you have the ability to directly impact is you, and it is your responsibility to learn how to do just utilize the knowledge, skills, and abilities you have been given to impact the world in the most positive way that you can EVERY chance you get!

Friday, May 20, 2011

100th Post is a Contest!

Since I have made it this far in my blogging career and March was my one year bloggiversary, I think that I need to have another contest! So enough is enough. This is going to be short and sweet.

So I have a bunch of books to read because I have got some new ones and noticed that I have two copies of one. So one of you lucky participants are going to have the opportunity to win this delightful little gem. I just think that the cover is beautiful.

Goodreads blurb: 

"Achingly beautiful and filled with heart-wrenchingly real characters: one of Hoffman's best." -Kirkus Reviews (starred review) Writing at the height of her powers, Alice Hoffman conjures three generations of a family haunted by love. Cool, practical, and deliberate, John is dreamy Arlyn's polar opposite. Yet the two are drawn powerfully together even when it is clear they are bound to bring each other grief. Their difficult marriage leads them and their children to a house made of glass in the Connecticut countryside, to the avenues of Manhattan, and to the blue waters of Long Island Sound. Glass breaks, love hurts, and families make their own rules. Ultimately, it falls to their grandson, Will, to solve the emotional puzzle of his family and of his own identity."Hoffman's shimmering, multigenerational melodrama bewitches with supernatural imagery while imaginatively dramatizing all-too-common heartaches." -Booklist"Alice Hoffman has written her most spellbinding, accomplished novel yet. . . . Although this is Hoffman's nineteenth book, it feels utterly fresh.Her voice-touched by the cadences of fairy tales-buoys us through the novel's saddest currents." 

So all you have to do is fill out THIS FORM and I will be closing the contest on June 1st at midnight and picking a winner! Best wishes to all of you! 

If you are following me and I am not following you back yet, drop me a comment and I will remedy that quickly!! 

Mental Constipation...are you a sufferer?

Hello all of my wonderful lovelies! And how have you been lately? I have been silently stalking and have seen that after the A to Z Challenge that most of you participated in, you have still been keeping very busy. Me...yeah, well, ya know.
So this is me lately!! :(  I have been suffering from mental constipation in the writing department. I remember it used to be volcanic, like verbal diarrhea coming out of all directions of my brain and not it is there but when I want to write --nothing wants to come out --CONSTIPATION!!

Has this ever happened to you? I can barely stand it. It drives me nuts. I think that is the brunt of all of my migraines these days. I have NO release valve for this retention that won't come out. So I need to tap into it or find some type of laxative to coax all of it out!

So anyway, I have a new obsession besides reading (a ton) and some writing that leaks out with much straining, I love to watch Camelot on Stars.
(Aurthur is played by Jamie Campbell and his sister who is vying for the throne is Morgan played by Eva Green pictured above)
For those of you who don't watch it (some really smoldering actors and actresses) acting out in the realm of King Aurthur. My favorite is Merlin....
Need I say more. This man played by Joseph Fiennes is wicked sexy and he is everything that you would want Merlin to be. He is the epitome of magic in my opinion. Watching him gives me shivers....see, right there, did you feel that. Wowza! It is on every Friday night and I just adore it! This character is brilliant. The thing with Merlin is that using his power costs puts a toll on his mind and body. He must choose wisely what to use his powers on and when. Morgan is disgustingly dark but beautiful. Eva Green is fantastic.

So anyway, that's me. I have also decided to quit taking my migraine medication because the side effects are more troublesome than having a migraine. I think I can handle a headache compared to some of the problems I have been facing due to the side effects. Which could be causing some of my mental constipation.

Any suggestions on fixing my mental constipation...who has the laxatives?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Solid: Book Review

Solid by: Shelley Workinger       

I want to thank Shelley Workinger for sending me a free copy to read in order to give a review in light of the release of the second book in the series Settling coming out July 4, 2011. 

Solid is a captivating tale of a group of teenagers brought together by the mere fact that they were unknowingly genetically altered at birth for military use. They are brought to a military base camp and told about their possible mutations and start to make bonds with other characters through out the book. 

Our main character is Calliope Kaid or Clio as she is called by friends. She is socially awkward and doesn't always say the right things around cute boys like Jack Vallard. Clio and the rest of the group of teens soon find out weather or not the genetic altering has given them any abilities and they learn to utilize them. 

I am really looking forward to continuing the journey with Clio and her friends by reading Settling. This book really will appeal to those who enjoy YA paranormal.
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