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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm lost and the Monkeys won't shut the $@#@& up!

Sometimes I get lost. I mean really get lost. I want to write and make my novels the best they can be so I do a lot of research and I mean a lot. I am not in any writing classes so having to read up on good plots or voice sometimes makes me want to pull my hair out.

I have read several books that have helped tremendously and I am now an avid blog reader. I am following around 40 or so blogs. I just can’t help myself. Some days it takes the whole day just to read everyone’s posts. Some of them are authors, some are agents, and some are research, I also have found some very witty, fascinating and unique individuals that I call friends.

I love reading all their posts and follow what they have going on and read the material from agents and advice and research and then I find more blogs to follow and then I have failed to be productive in writing my own novels. I guess you could say I have taken a mini break and am addicted to reading what others post. I have also fallen a bit behind on mine because I am lost.

I can’t say that I want to have a huge following, but I would like to know that people are interested in the things that I have to say or write about. I appreciate everyone who reads mine now and tell you that your support means a lot. Some people have themes for the days of the week and I considered that, but I don’t have the time to squeeze that in or be consistent.

I’m getting ready to put feelers out for beta readers for my genre. Which ever one that will be. For some reason I cannot stay in the same boundaries. I write paranormal romance, mystery, adult fiction, and some YA. I am all over the place. I just go where the written word takes me. Blogging is a lot like journaling to me. I journaled my whole life and love to write, even if it is about nothing. There are always voices in my head telling me something so I feel compelled to write it down.

It plagues me when I try to sleep also. I cannot fall asleep because my mind is always going. My yoga instructor calls it ‘Monkey Chatter’. So while my monkeys are chattering and I am trying to tell them to go to sleep I provoke them and they become angry making things even harder for me. I notice if I try to fight them, it gets worse instead of better. So I just give up with exhaustion in the end.


ElbieNy25 said...

Relax. If you force it then one of two things will happen: 1. Nothing or 2. Complete crap that is beneath your talents.

Whenever I get frustrated at my lack of writing progress I remember what a good friend of mine said, "Let it flow." Her voice resonates in my head and then I calm down.

Sandy said...

Fantastic blog! I love your energy and enthusiasm. I know what you mean; I am addicted to blogs. There is so much wisdom and humor out there.

Tammy said...

I have the same problem! So many thoughts and feelings in my tired brain. I understand what you're going through completely!

Natalie said...

I think all of us struggle with the writing/blogging balance. I can be good at one or the other, but rarely both.

My mind races right before I go to sleep too. I can't think of a solution to plot problems during the day-- they always come when I'm trying to fall asleep.

Cat said...

You're doing great. I love your energy. I'm either too serious or too funny. You are balanced with your writing and you'll find a balance with blogging as well. Just remember, "This too shall pass". I think we all let ourselves get distracted but that doesn't mean we have to give up on one or the other. Just think of it all as material building. You're picking up valuable information and learning that balance is hard to come by. Just keep it up and it will flow.

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