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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The voices inside my head are going crazy…

There are actually so many things going on that I don't know where to start. Have you ever been like that before? Of course you have, it is common. I'm not some freak…ok, ok. So maybe I am--a little. A muse as its called that leads you from project to project and keeps those creative juices flowing. WELL-- I have several. Some good and some evil. Muhhaahaaww.
Actually I am looking for a way to either get them to all quite speaking at one time or to quiet down just a squidge so that I can concentrate just enough to focus on some things. I admit, life is hectic enough without them all pulling me in ten different directions and about five different genres…no seriously. They don't concur on a genre, they all have a different preference too.
So this has been making it hard for me when doing some writing. I have like five WIPs out there because I listen to the voices and let them guide me for a bit and then another one grabs me and I take off skipping hand and hand with them down another path of sparkles and rainbows or dark shadows and cobwebs. I tell you, that I know I should just focus on one, but the truth is that I know that they all have something important to say and I am afraid that if I don't follow them all around that I may miss an opportunity not to catch their important story and that it may get backlogged in the lost forever files of the IGNORE BOX of suppressed ideas not realized.
Besides, I am powerless to them. I can't tell them to STFU. I like all of them unconditionally. No matter who or what they are.
I wish that I could say that I was organized and everything had a place and a plan and I wrote a chapter a day and that everything goes as planned, but the truth is…I am a windstorm throwing things down here and there and cleaning up the mess afterward but that's me. To be honest, I like me, I understand me. I just wish that I could calm me down a little. I feel like I get so overwhelmed with all of them (muses) that I mentally shut down sometimes and that is counterproductive.
Ok--So here goes. Who has some advice…ideas…words of wisdom…tell me to STFU…Just puttin it out there. LOL

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Anonymous said...

Never, never tell those voices to shut up! LOL Putting them to paper is what you were meant to do. You're a creative person and it's because of those tiny, stupefying voices that you write as well as you do. One of these days, one of those voices will land you a book deal (which I'll have an acknowledgement in, of course) and you'll go on to write more best sellers because of NEW voices.

I have the exact same issue. Many WIP's on the go and so many more floating around in my head, so take heart. There's nothing wrong with it! Unless we're both totally messed up. Which could be the truth, when you think about it. Okay, I'm not helping anymore, so I'll stop. lol

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