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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What is your favorite month? Why?

Yep, it is writing prompt time again. I haven’t done it for awhile since I have been slammed with life and editing so I am going to throw my little brain for a loop and let it seethe with something different for a change.

Well…we are now in my favorite month. OCTOBER. There are so many things about October that make me love this month. Starting with the fact that here in Indiana the trees start to change colors. The hues of the leaves are breath taking around this time of year and the air is a little more crisp and clears my head.

I am a sweatshirt and jeans kind of girl so this type of weather makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. It is also such a welcoming feeling to be able to come outside and sit in the swing and write for awhile without being chased by bugs, or get too hot and sweaty.

This is also the time of year that I take fall picture of the kids. We take our own pictures here on the farm because I am too cheap to pay for the expensive school pictures. Yep, I am. And when you have a big family (5) like I do, you know that adds up. So, you can see that I love my kiddos enough to make sure that they are photographed appropriately. Lol.  They pick their own places and most of their own poses. 


Lastly I love October because it contains my favorite holiday…Halloween. Yep, love the spooky stuff. But that is another post all in itself.

So do you have a favorite Month? If so which one and why?


Carla said...

I love the Fall in general, too, but I think I like September more. It's still usually warm with the last few days of summer, it's always signified change for me even though I'm not longer in school, and my birthday falls on the 26th. :) So, I think September is my favourite month, though I love them all in their own way and for different reasons. Except November and February - least favourite, for sure.

Tessa Quin said...

I wish we had Halloween here in Iceland. It seems like such a lovely tradition. We do have kids going to stores and companies to get candy in the spring, but there are no all-out decorations and such. In my hometown, the kids also go out on 6th of January and walk from house to house (homes, not stores) to get candy. For some reason, my little hometown is the only one who has that tradition that time of year.

Your kids look lovely, by the way. Those pictures are great. I love how the light falls on Brandon in his picture with the dog. It looks like a model-kind of picture. And little Logan also looks like he's posing for a catalog ^.^

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

I love December cuz I'm a xmas nut. But Halloween is fun too. This Halloween I'll be in Ohio with some writer friends at WFC. So I'm super excited about it this year. :)

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the pics Regina! We here love October too. We go all out for Halloween with intricately carved pumpkins. I'll post some of the pics on my blog soon.

Talli Roland said...

Gorgeous photos and gorgeous kids! I love June, because I love green and the promise of summer!

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