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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Creepy Little Muse & Recognition!

The Creepy Little Muse keeps dancing by me in my dreams every night making it impossible to sleep sometimes. I swear she haunts me sometimes. I call her chaos, because that is what she makes my mind.

Last night as I was trying to sleep, she crept by my bed brushing the covers just enough to wake me up so that I could see her dash me and head out toward the other room. Damn, sometimes she freaks me out and sometimes she just pisses me off. I don’t sleep much the way it is, but she doesn’t make things any easier.

Yes, I sound absolutely crazy and sometimes feel that way…but if it weren’t for Chaos whispering things in my ears at night then I wouldn’t have so many insane stories that I am trying to write. That is both a positive and a negative because she thinks that I’m a super genius that can type 1000 words per minute and get things on paper fast.

She doesn’t understand that family comes first and I always have to jot things down and come back to them and work when I can. My family has been keeping my very busy again so writing is something that I try to do if I get some spare time. I have been freehand writing a lot and translating it into the computer for the past few days.

I honestly can say that I do feel like I am getting things done. But with a few family setbacks, it is hard to keep up. I am working on getting internet back at the house. Yay! Won’t that be fun? I will be able to keep up with blogs better and keep doing my research for my books that I am working on.

For now the family is all doing fine. My mother is in surgery this morning getting her fistula replaced. She had one last year but it has to be replaced. She is going to have to start going back to dialysis. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my family…well, they like to keep me on my toes. If it isn’t one thing it is another. So thank you to all of my friends who have sent me well wishes and a speedy recovery for mamma.

I want to tell everyone that I am very proud of their accomplishments that I have been reading about on the blogs. Some have works out for partials and full requests. Some have completed their manuscripts and some are editing like the wind. I am PROUD of all of you. You all work really hard and do a really great job.

On a sad note, I won a contest before Christmas…a copy of MATCHED! Well needless to say, I have never received it. *tears streaming* I was really looking forward to reading the book. So mister post office man—Please give me back my book or get it to me for criminy sakes. The only contest I have ever won and the postal service can’t even get me my book. (DEVESTATED)

I look forward to reading up more on your adventures and progress as we all grow as writers – novice, published…doesn’t matter. You are the reason I read books. I commend you. Best Wishes!


Henya said...

Great post, Regina. You have a lot to be thankful for.

Anonymous said...

How have you survived without the internet. I would go crazy.

Shelly said...

I'm glad to see you back.

Lindsay N. Currie said...

Nice post, sorry to hear your copy of Matched got lost. It's in my kindle awaiting some reading love currently:)

Anonymous said...

I hope you mom is doing well.

Oooh, that's unfortunate about MATCHED.

Mary said...

Sorry to hear your family hasn't been well. Hope things improve quickly!

And I hope your muse will let you get some sleep :)

Good luck with everything. I look forward to reading more from you.

Lisa said...

I love when ideas come to me in my dreams (it makes me feel like I'm getting work done while I sleep).

Did you email the person you won the book from? She/He may or may not have sent it out yet. I had that happen. I won something once and the person never sent it out (which made me kind of mad... why have a contest if you're not going to honor it). I emailed her and she promised she'd sent it ASAP (sadly, she never did).

But anyway, maybe a gentle nudge is in order?

Jenn Johansson said...

Oh, that sucks! I hope you get your book soon. I can't wait to read MATCHED.

Anonymous said...

Do what you need to do. We'll be here when you get back into the writing swing of things :)

Christi Corbett

The Desert Rocks said...

Best wishes for you and your mom.
I'm still revising and I too have other things to do. Funny how our muses seem to think it's all about them.

Susan Antony said...

Your muse sounds enchanting!

Amie Kaufman said...

Welcome back! Sometimes it's just about getting one foot in front of the another, but it sounds like you're gaining momentum again. Don't worry--Matched will arrive, and I bet you'll love it!

Sam said...

I always enjoy your blogs! sometimes I seem to get away from the blogs for a bit and when I come back to catch up I have to skip certain ones because of time, but I always read yours! Love that your muse keeps you going because I get to look forward to reading some of your published work in the future!

Regina said...

@ Henya: Thank you. Your support is always a blessing.

@ raisingmarshmallows: I am getting my internet up and running next week if weather permits it. lol

@ Shelly: I'm glad to be back.

@ Lindsay N. Currie: I finally got my copy of Matched. It only took two months from London. lol

@ Medeia Sharif: Yes, mom is doing better but that is another funny post I have to put up and I got my book.

@ Mary: Thanks for all your support. You are wonderful. Family is getting better and my Muse is helping me more than I know.

@ Lisa: Thank you. Fortunately I didn't have to nudge. I guess my post was a big enough wish for it to show up in my mailbox.

@ Jenn Johansson: I can't wait to read it either. I think this weekend.

@ Christicorbett: I appreciate that so much. Sometimes you just never know what is in store for you.

@ The Desert Rocks: They are a little narcissistic aren't they? lol We have a love/hate relationship. I think that I hate that I love all of her ideas.

@ Susan Antony: She is something alright. Enchanting some days and I can think of a few choice words for others.

@ Amie Kaufman: I appreciate the support and positive outlook. Because of this I can pick up the speed.

@ Sam: This is why I love your friendship. You always know what to say to pick me up and dust myself off to keep going.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I hope you get the book. It's a great book. :D

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