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Friday, January 7, 2011

Truth or Dare?

Not really. It is more like a confession of something from a long time ago that came to mind during a road trip this past week.

I used to work for an insurance agency that sold insurance. Auto, Home and Life Insurance Policies…stuff like that. I was in my twenties then, so it was sort of my first real job.

Anyway, the boss’s son worked there with me. (Family run business. Dad: Owner, Head agent. Mom: Office Manager. Son: Agent.) He was probably three or four years older than I was and he was an agent. I answered the phones and had to solicit people to see if they would like to get a quote for our insurance.

Good afternoon, this is Regina from *&$%(@!~ Insurance Company and I was calling to see if you would like to schedule a date and time for one of my agents to call and speak with you about quotes for your auto, home and life insurance?   cricket, cricket, cricket….

Yes, I hated that part of my job and I remember marking off three people at a time when I called one because I hated when people would call me so I know how it felt. Shallow! Okay, so to the point of my tale here. One day we were at the office alone which did happen often.

Most days that we were there alone we would just listen to the radio and I would answer the phones while he played the video game “DOOM” on his laptop. Yes, I am serious! It was actually funny. So one really rainy day…pouring rain, lightening. We knew that there wouldn’t be walk-ins. So he asked if I wanted to watch a movie.

The office had a big area in the lobby with chairs and a couch set up with a television and VCR so the good students could watch their videos and get a discount for their parents insurance…some of you know what I am talking about and for some of you this could be before your time. Lol

So anyway, we watched “The Frighteners” with Michael J. Fox. It was a different kind of movie. A paranormal which is just up my alley and I love the cemetery scenes with the drill sergeant. I am sure everyone thought this might go another direction, but no dice. He was really not my cup of tea. Come on the man was like 28, played “DOOM” on his laptop at work and smoked a pipe like he was Sherlock Holmes. There was nothing fetching for me in that scenario.

If you haven’t watched “The Frighteners” go out and rented it for the weekend for just something funny to do. It was a fun movie. Tell me, do you have any random flashbacks come to mind that you want to tell me about or confess on your blog? If you do, leave me your link or tell me about it. I’ll make sure people find you and your dirty little secrets from your past. lol


Cheryl said...

Never saw THE FRIGHTENERS. May have to rent it now.

The movie I remember most fondly seeing by accident - I'd never deliberately rent it! - was AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON. Had to laugh all the way through it. it was bad, bad. As in cheesy, dated, and...terribly funny.

J. L. Jackson said...

I have seen "The Frighteners", but it was a while ago. I enjoyed it though. I'll have to rent it again to get reaquainted.

The Desert Rocks said...

Always enjoy your posts Regina.

The Desert Rocks said...

Always enjoy your posts Regina!

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