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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vampyre Kisses anyone?

Anyone interested please go to her blog
Here is from her blog:
I hope everyone is having a good week and ready for the holidays. So I have a new plan for Vampyre Kisses that I want to try out. I may not start doing this fully until next year when I get back from vacation but I want to see if there is any interest.

What I am thinking of doing is getting 100 bloggers to read my book Vampyre Kisses and do a review. The review should be listed on their website, goodreads, shelfari, amazon, and smashwords. I know its several different sites but all you got to do is copy and paste. :D

Now, I know bloggers that do book reviews are normally very busy. So I am trying to think of something I can offer you (beside the free eBook of Vampyre Kisses). Oh BTW even if you don’t have an eReader you can still read the book in PDF form on your computer. So no worries there! But BESIDES that, I am thinking that the reviewers could choose a couple different things. You could do a guest post on my blog to get more followers at your own website. I could list your link on my blog roll or if you have a banner I can create a page and have your banner there as a wbesite I “support”. I could send you a free sticker and/or bookmark. OR! I could send you some free short stories I wrote. :)

If you can think of something that would be a better trade let me know. Or if you think I don’t need to bother trading thats kewl too. I am not trying to bribe anyone to give me a good review. Just want to make it worth your wild.

But if you are interested in doing this PLEASE let me know! I need more reviews.

Happy Reading!

<3′s and Fangs,
Liz ^_^

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