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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Misshapen grief, giveaways, and web splashes!

Yeah it looks like a mouthful doesn’t it. Well I wanted to let everyone know what has been going on with me lately. I have mostly posted excerpts of some of my work and giveaways or plugs for other giveaways. So it is time to dish, dish, dish about me.

It has been a really tough couple months for my family. We adopted a stray dog (boxer) See pic above… I named her Tess. Yep, she gave me the idea for the name of my WIP CRUTCH. Well this poor baby girl was used and abused by previous owners.

The bread the shamoley out of her, then dumped her, starved her…etc. I have always wanted a boxer and Murphy (Brad (hubby)) said YES! SQUEE! I was so happy. She took to all of us. When I say all of us, to those who are new to my bloggy blog, there are seven of us. For those of you who think you misread that it is 7.

Anyway, we have had a lot of trials and tribulations trying to get Tess settled. Took her to the vet, she had heartworms, they dewormed her (so they said) and I set her up to get spay. Cause her poor little woman parts were just a mess. We got her spayed and then she had diarrhea. Another trip to the vet. Some pills later she seemed to do better. Then a week later she was still losing weight and looking bad, not eating, urinating herself… so we chose a different vet.

Let’s just say that one vet missed some things that another vet found. Our poor baby was suffering because she was very, very sick. I did the only humane thing I felt I could do for her. I let her go and now she is watching over us with God.

So I have been mourning for our little girl. But she has a special spot right under my big ol tree (prior post) where she can over look the property.

Then we had Thanksgiving…I cooked for the family and we ate way-to-much. I hope everyone enjoyed time with their family and friends over the holiday.

Also, this is the final week for the ARCHVILLIAN giveaway. Previous post…this book is signed by Barry Lyga himself. Wonderful man. So click the Archvillian cover on the right… yup, see it over there. Now click it and comment. I could pick you!

A big thank you to those who have already entered. I appreciate your support for my first giveaway. Also, if you haven’t already noticed my websplash about Talli Roland’s book The Hating Game, check it out. She is amazing and hilarious. If you aren’t following her yet, you should be.


Mary said...

Sorry to hear you lost your pet. It's amazing how quickly they become part of the family.

Hope all else is good.

Susan Antony said...

I am crying for you and Tess.

Talli Roland said...

I am so sorry to hear about this. Thinking of you.

(And thank you so much for your web splash help.)

Cheryl said...

I feel for you. A friend got a cat from a rescue society and had the same kind of thing happen. She did go on to get another and I'm sure you'll find your boxer, too, when you're ready.

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