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Friday, December 17, 2010

Where have you been?

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I hope that some of you have missed me a little and wondered where I have been. Well, I have been busy with Christmas and my Help for the Holidays Program that I do for my community. I work in child welfare...for those who didn't know. So I help sponsor our kids in placement (foster, relative or residential) and also let some of our not so fortunate families within the community sign up.

I find sponsors for these families and children so that they can get a wonderful Christmas. It is very time consuming trying to coordinate families and sponsors. Sometimes the sponsors want to remain anonymous so I have to have them drop gifts off to me and then I have to get them to the right families.

This year I also had an auction house involved and they held a couple of auctions and were able to get us some really awesome donations that we were able to get out to our families and children. They also got us extra wrapping paper so that we could let the parents wrap the presents.

It is crazy hecktic and a lot of fun. But it keeps me tied up most of the time for the month. I have also been trying to edit and have had some other personal issues at home that have kept me away. But with that being said... I don't know when I will get the opportunity to post again so Please everyone have a safe and wonderful Holiday.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas...I hope you all get those goodies that were on your list from Santa. Big hugs to everyone. Be safe this holiday season.
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William Kendall said...

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

The Golden Eagle said...

Happy Holidays! :)

Pk Hrezo said...

Hey there! Yes, I've missed you and wondered where you've been!!! :)
Glad you checked in with us. I understand how easily real life can suck us back into its clutches, which means we must forsake the blogosphere. :(

What a wonderful service you do to your community. I admire that so much. I hope you've had success in your endeavors. Have a wonderful holiday and hope to see you back soon. Peace and love!

Carla White said...

Wow, that's so awesome that you do that! What a great way to spend your time. And of course we miss you, but I think that's a good excuse to be absent. :) Happy holidays to you, too!

Susan Antony said...

Merry Christmas! Best wishes to you and yours!

E.J. Wesley said...

Enjoy the season, Regina!

The Desert Rocks said...

Personally, I have totally missed you.
My volunteer work with the 2nd graders is done for the year, but you're right--it's a hectic time.
I'm also revising my book for the third time-and I won't be querying until the New Year. Merry Christmas!

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