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Monday, April 16, 2012

Creating Some Sanity

I wish that I could give anyone advice on how to do this task, but I actually have none. I am kind of out of things. Have you ever been on overload so much that everything is covered under a heavy layer of muck and you are looking at it, like holy cow, how am I going to clean up this mess? That seems to be me.

I have been attending to family matters for some time and have not made time for me or my writing. I have had a couple therapeutic hours of writing here and there, but nothing like my muse and brain were used to. I thought for sure when we took a vacation this March that I could relax and unwind and let my muse free. I tried, I really did but ended up shutting down even more.

The coolest part of my vacation was that they were shooting a movie in the hotel next to us and we got to see a few actual movie stars. They were shooting the movie "SPRING BREAKERS" staring Selena Gomez (who is super cute in person too) and Vanessa Hudgens (who is a blonde in the movie - I know right!). It was an experience watching them shoot scenes which lasted all day on the beach and at the pools.

My husband would say that the topless scenes were his favorite, but he's entitled to his opinion. Before some of you go ballistic, it was not the Disney girls topless, just some walk-ons or extras. It just made me realize that if it takes that long just to shoot a scene for a movie, then no wonder I can't get my books done. *whew* For a little while I was thinking that there was something wrong with me.

Well, there is but that is of personal opinion. ;) My parentals have been giving me a run for my money since August. My dad had a stroke and during the week that he was hospitalized for testing, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. So we got dad taken care of and scheduled mom a mastectomy. After dad was home and mom recovered from the surgery came the drains that were in after the mastectomy. After they took those out, then she started radiation. Finally that is finished and now she is going three times a week to dialysis because she has chronic kidney failure. My dad has now fallen twice in the last week and a half and I am just overloaded.

I haven't set my mind free to write and I feel that it is like Johnny Mnemonic, Keanu Reeve's character who can't get some images out of his mind and his brain is frying from the inside out. That is how my brain feels. Right now everything is poison and doesn't want to flow out very well. I am still working it out. As you can see, I haven't been around since January and I apologize for that. Life happens and you really don't get to control it. I have been working on a few things and would really like to revamp my blog. If anyone has any suggestions or sites for me to check out, please let me know.

You guys are truly wonderful and my inspiration to keep pushing through the muck!


E.J. Wesley said...

Regina, first let me say that my heart truly goes out to you and your family. That's a tough stretch for anyone. Your attitude and words say a ton about your frame of mind, which I'd call remarkably positive. You're hanging tough, which (as a long-time follower of your blog) is incredibly encouraging and uplifting to others.

Second, the writing will come. There's a hierarchy of things we can handle as human beings. We have to take care of things at the bottom before we can work our way up to the other stuff. At or near the bottom would be having food and shelter, psychological and physical health, etc. Creativity would be towards the top.

Once the dust settles in your life, writing and blogging and this follower will be there. : )

Best wishes to your family, really hope things look up soon.


Tanya Reimer said...


I've had a rough year too, so I know what you mean, it's like you're drowning and can't get air. Writing about it like this helps.

At least you can be there for your family while they need you, at the end of the day, those are the moments that matter, to everyone.

Thinking about you.

Mary said...

What a year you have been having! I hope things settle down for you soon.

I have to agree with EJ- the writing will come back when you don't have to focus on so many other important things.

Take care, and best wishes to you and yours.

Cheryl said...

Bless your heart! Sometimes we have to deal with real life before we can get back to putting words on paper. The good thing is that real life often gives us more fodder for those words.

Hang in there.

William Kendall said...

Regina, with everything that's gone on in your life in the last while, it's little wonder that you've felt overwhelmed by it all. The writing will come back to you in time.

Tanya Reimer said...

Hey, hope things are going better. Haven't heard from ya in awhile.

Gave you an award over at my place, just cuz you deserve one.

Gabby Nesiba said...

I, too, have been "stuck in the muck" we call life lately and am struggleing to find time for my writing. I know we feel guilty when we feel as if we're abandoning our craft, but sometimes life just gets in the way and needs our foremost attention. The writing will come back to you eventually. And when you are ready, you'll feel recharched and it won't be forced. Right now just focus on your family and whatever else needs your immediate attention; the writing will naturally fall in place once you find a way to a peaceful state of mind.

Oh, and if you are looking for a cool way to revamp your blog, you might want to check out the free website service, Weebly. I use it and absolutely love it.

Hope things start to look up for you!

-Gabrielle Nesiba

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