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Monday, November 22, 2010

Archvillian Giveaway!

Archvillain #1
Goodread Blurb:

Kyle Camden knows exactly where he was the night Mighty Mike arrived: Sneaking around the fallow field behind Bouring Middle School (motto: "The U Makes It Exciting!"), running the electrical cabling that would allow him to dump the contents of the old water tower on the visiting football team during the next day's game.
Which is why he couldn't tell anyone where he was.
Or what he saw.
Those lights everyone saw in the sky weren't tiny meteors burning up in the
atmosphere. They were some kind of strange, supercooled plasma that bathed the entire field - including Kyle - in alien energies, energies that boosted Kyle's intellect and gave him superpowers.
Unfortunately, the energies also brought Mighty Mike to earth.
Kyle is the only one who knows that Mighty Mike is an alien. Everyone else thinks that Mike is just some kid who stumbled into the field, got beefed up on meteor juice, lost his memory, and decided to start rescuing kittens from trees. But Kyle knows the truth. And he'll do anything in his power to stop Mighty Mike, even if it means being an Archvillain!

Okay, what are you doing now Regina? Reviews?

Nope! At least not yet. I had the opportunity to get a signed uncorrected proof from Barry himself. Yep. Just to give away on my bloggy blog here to one of you fine readers.

I read the book and enjoyed it very much and look forward to reading more of Barry’s work. I have a TBR list that spans close to 600 or more…there are so many great talents out there.

Oh sorry…rambling. So in order to enter to win this lovely token, just be a follower (+2 for old followers, +1 for new ones) and leave a comment on this post.

For extra entries you can implement any of the following in no particular order.

+5 for blogging about this giveaway. (leave link to the post with your comment so I know where to find it and start following you if I don’t already.)

+2 for tweeting (@regina_linton) or mentioning the giveaway on Facebook or Myspace. (leave a link in the comments and we can be friends.)

This contest will close on Friday, December 3rd at midnight EST. I’ll announce the winner chosen by on Tuesday, December 7th.

Best wishes to everyone who enters.


Pk Hrezo said...

Awesome! Enter me, please! I'll mention it in my post tomorrow. Your TBR sounds like!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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