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Friday, November 5, 2010

Oh Snap, What'd I Do Now?

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Well the other day I don’t know if I put the nail in my casket by putting myself another iron in the fire but here is what I did.

About a month ago I emailed my librarian and asked him all kinds of questions about what I can do to bring people into the library. I asked if I could do book reviews for the libraries website and post those in special holders within the library so that patrons can read them and potentially find a new book to add to their to be read list.

I also asked about working with him on their inventory because I have noticed that there are books missing in series. Some series are missing books 2, 4, and 8 but have all the others…all the way to 12. Yes, there are some series that go that far and further like the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton. Most of these books were donated…explaining the missing books.

I inquired about purchasing other books for the library because the budget is so small and they will not be able to get all of the books that are on my TBR list let alone everyone else’s.  So I asked to maybe consolidate lists so I can pick up the books that he is not going to order.

I also asked if I could start a writing group one night a week or twice a month or whatever in the part of the library that is called the learning center. It is a beautiful place that doesn’t get used quite as much as it should IMO. I would even do an email newsletter featuring new books coming in and other things if asked.

Here I am almost a month later and no response…cricket. cricket. cricket.  Nothing!

So needless to say that I know the President of the Library Board and I asked her the other day what it takes to be part of the library to get involved and do something. I told her what I suggested to the librarian and she thought those were all wonderful ideas. Her eyes were lit up with…joy? *cue cute angels and pixie dust falling from the ceiling*

She told me that she was ready to retire and that her term was up quite awhile ago and she had looked for a replacement but could never find anyone interested. What?? No one interested. That’s crazy. So anyway…long story short—I think that I put a bid in to be President of the Library Board at the next election…that is if the approve and elect me. *slaps head--what'd I do now?*

I know it is not a paid position, but if it means that I get to be involved and interact and get the answers I want since the librarian didn’t respond to me…then fabulous. I just hope that I didn’t put myself in a noose and hope that I don’t fail the library. I LOVE BOOKS!!

So for all you new writers, existing writers and up and coming dreamers. Don’t give up and keep writing because I am going to do all that I can to make sure that my small community gets the opportunity to enjoy your talents.
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Trisha Leaver said...

That is amazing news!! You will be perfect for the position.

Side-note- if you send me a list of the series you are looking to complete, I can probably fill them in for your library from my personal collection. I'm what most people consider a book Hoard LOL!

The Desert Rocks said...

Regina, that sounds great! I wish I lived in your community. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

YAY Regina! How wonderful for you! I can see you sitting in the library, surrounded by hundreds of books, smiling from ear to ear. Make sure to take a picture of your first day and post it. I'd vote for you...hell yeah!

Carla said...

Good for you! That's so great that you're getting involved, and what a great thing to get involved with. Libraries definitely need more people like you.

Nicola said...

I tried to click the thumbs up button about 5 times, but it wouldn't let me - so once will have to do. This is just an awesome idea. They obviously need someone with enthusiasm. I will stand and cheer you on from this side of the ocean.Good going, girl!

T C Mckee said...

I think your heart led you in the right direction. It sounds like that library needs the passion your passion. Go for it! Can we vote? If dead people can in a national election, put me on the absentee ballot;)

shelly said...

Wow! This will be great for you as writer..credentials to substantiate what your passion is and do.


Lisa Vandiver said...

Hi, it sounds like you have been busy. I'm sure even though it will be work, I am sure you will enjoy it as well.
I wish you good luck in this endeavor, and in your writing adventures too. Have a good weekend.~Lisa

Susan Antony said...

I can give you my opinion in one word: Bravo!

Anonymous said...

As an (ex)librarian and someone who's been president of a volunteer board of directors, I wish you all the best. It is this type of work that keeps so many wonderful services alive.

Regina said...

@ Trisha Thank you and you never know I may hit you up for some books.

@ The Desert Rocks you may not live in my community but you might pass through sometime. You never know what a road trip brings.

@ Nathalie Can you see it...I would probably need pinched back to reality from time to time. Surrounded by the comforting thoughts that I can make the difference in the lives of youth and to get books of future writers into the library. LeSigh. *end dream sequence*

@ Carla Thank you. Sometimes there are places that can harbor people like me and keep the community safe. hehehe.

@ Nicola Thank you, I need all the cheering I can get. The momentum from all the well wishes here have made me feel really good even though I haven't even been accepted yet.

@ T.C. I gladly accept your vote and don't tell anyone but I wrote your name down like 8 times.

@ Shelly I am so excited for this opportunity. Even the thought of being acknowledged as a candidate is special for me.

@ Lisa Yes, for some reason I always keep myself busy. I don't think I like to sit still. Thank you for the well wishes.

@ Susan Anthony Thank you. I just like the involvement with the books and wanting to know how to get more people into the library.

@ sleeplessparent Sounds as if you've been there, done that. I'm glad that I may be able to get to do some good for the community. The library is my bookshelf where I keep all of my books and it is a special place for me. I want to do all I can for it.

Cheryl said...

How I admire you! Libraries are in such trouble right now with all the budget cutbacks and all. Anything we can do to help is wonderful, but if you take on this duty, you will be truly going that extra mile.

Jennifer Hillier said...

Sounds pretty cool to me! Imagine the changes you could make! Good for you.

coffeelvnmom said...

Wow. That's amazing. You would make a BIG, wonderful difference there! Make sure to keep us posted!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You wanted to make a difference! Hope you get the opportunity.

Pk Hrezo said...

THat's really great, Regina! I love libraries too ... have a secret desire to be a quiet little librarian with dark framed glasses.

What a great op for you! Hope it works out. :)

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