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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crutch pt 6

Yes my wonderful friends. It is time for another installment of Crutch. Who is ready for more? I have seen that people have stopped by and some people have left comments and I appreciate it. I love getting input, your points of view and just help in general. So for those of you who help me, I really, really, really appreciate you!!

Okay, now to the saga of Tess and Aaron.

 Aaron grabbed Tess by the hair and helped her to her feet, not minding her wincing in pain. He jerked her upright to face him as she struggled with her hands to get his free from her entangled mess of hair.

     “Not so fast, where are you off to Contessa?” She could hear the laughter in his voice. He was amused by her struggle to get free. She quickly stopped and stood motionless. Anticipating what he would do next. “Was that better love?”

     She starts to sob. Don’t let him do this. Stand your ground. You can do this. The inhalation of air was forceful enough to help stifle the cry. She bit hard into her lip and laughed again…at him. “Is that the best you can do?”

     Aaron didn’t like being made a fool of and this really pissed him off. Why wasn’t she crying? “What the hell are you laughing about? You think this is funny?”  He shook her violently, attempting to shake the laughter from her lungs.

     Tess continued to test his patience with her defiance. Aaron brought her face up close to his so that he could look her in the eye. Look for the fear that he so desperately needed to feed from. Her eyes met his and she held his gaze and he caught the small flicker he preyed upon.

     His had come sudden and hard as a stone across her right cheek before she had time to counter. She cried out in pain, reflexively covering her face with her hands waiting for another blow.

     “You should know better than to provoke me bitch.” His voice blared.

     Tess knew that this was her chance and she needed to take it. With her hands still covering her face and his hands still holding her arms, she quickly brought her knee up to his groin as forcefully as she could manage.

     Aaron doubled over in pain, hands mechanically reaching for his scrotum that were suffering from the blunt trauma. Once he released her she ran as fast as she could through the house and out to the car. She climbed inside and locked the doors and reached for the ignition. Her keys were gone.

For those who are just stumbling along this and are new to this series, I have added a page at the top for you to go to in order to start from the beginning. Thank you for your support!!


The Golden Eagle said...

Fascinating story; I wanted to know what happens!

I'm new to Crutch . . . so I'll go check out the other entries, too!

Talei said...

This is such a tough subject to write about, I can definitely get a sense of the anger and frustration between the characters. And - I'm so glad she got a knee in there! Thanks for sharing.

William Kendall said...

I'm new to this blog; I just followed in from Erin's blog. I shall definitely check out earlier installments.

T C Mckee said...

Hey, just read your page and I too am new to Crutch. This is definitely a hard topic to write about, but it looks like you're covering it well. There is only one thing I would change. The missing keys. It's not bad, it's just so overdone. I read a post on the Query Shark's blog where something similar had been done, and of course, Ms. Shark was all over it. She actually said that at that point she would not only stop reading, but she wouldn't care if the protagonist lived or died anymore anyway. She'd just fall under the "TSTL" category. Which meant "Too stupid to live." It was hilarious but it made me go into my WIP and attempt to change things that may have been done a thousand times. Ya know, remove any cliches, make it original. Ya know like, Tess runs to her car figuring Aaron has taken her keys but it's a good thing he doesn't know about Vito, the uncle that taught her how to hot-wire a car. Or he doesn't know about little Mr Browning, hidden under the seat. The gun she'd picked up earlier in the week. You'll think of something better of course. Your writing looks great. Can't wait to read more;)

Anonymous said...

I missed the other excerpts, but this has quite an ending. Great tension.

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