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Monday, August 9, 2010

Deadly Sin # 4…Sloth

This has been me for the past month. I have done absolutely nothing. Laziness has set in and taken over my body. Listlessness and indifference has become the norm of my days. I have really not done much of anything. I need to pull myself together and do more but have no ambition to get going.

Where do I find the umph to get back on track? Has anyone else ever fallen victim of the sloth sin? I’m sure it has happened to someone else out there other than me. Help a sister out. How do I get out of this deep rut that I have succumbed to?

Movements are restricted, mind is made of mush and everything moves in slow motion except that the next thing that you know, the entire day is gone and you have nothing to show for it. Argh!...I am so slothy.
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J. L. Jackson said...

You are not the only one suffering. I am sure we all can relate at some point. I have gone through bouts of it as well. I just push myself to keep moving regardless of how I am feeling.

Carla said...

I felt myself falling into a similar rut recently and I decided that instead of falling further, I'd focus on the opposite of whatever was making me feel slothy - the good stuff, the stuff that excites me and does keep me motivated in order to fix the things that were unambitious, unmotivated and uninspired. I also took a mini vacation to regroup and find that sometimes you just need a bit of a break to refresh yourself and come back more focused than ever - even if it's just a matter of taking a day to yourself. So far so good.

Cheryl said...

Never hurts to take some time off. Most creative people need down time!

Sara McClung ♥ said...

Redbull! And Coffee! (I mix mine with hot chocolate.)

Seriously. Those two things have SAVED me as a writer on numerous accounts. Otherwise it's just so easy to mope and lounge around and watch TV or read or sleep... Sometimes I really just need that jumpstart!

PK said...

Whew, girl!I oughta open up a can of whoop-ass on you! :) j/k
It's so easy to fall a victim to sloth. The hardest part is snapping out of it. Funny, sloth sounds like a dream come true to me... so far fetched at my stage of life with a 4 and 5 year old at home.
Set a date on the calendar as the "snap-out-of-it" date. Give yourself a few days to psych yourself into it--to know your day is almost near. Then, JUST DO IT.
Wake up on that day and make it a good day. Get your caffeine fix or take an early morn walk. Sit at the computer a bit for writing... but have something else planned so you don't get sucked into the cyberworld.
You can do it, girl! Go and get you some!

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