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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wine…beer…gin…or whiskey?

What will it be for you today?

I ask out of my own curiosity and am going out of my own comfort zone. When I was younger I started off with Peachtree Schnapps. Did the wine coolers and then progressed to drinking Corona with lime. This lasted for a long time when I drank which was not too often.

Then I switched to Coors light along with my husband. Just made more sense because neither one of drank much so we would split a six pack eating pizza while watching a Nascar race. Good times.

So now I am experimenting with wines. I had some Pinot Grigio one night at dinner and just the other night I tried some Sangria. I have a bottle of Mango wine in the kitchen that I have yet to break into. I was wondering if any of my fellow bloggers or just random readers who happen to stumble across my blog post today can suggest some good tasting wines.

I have no preference since I am not a wine connoisseur of any kind. Red, White, Blush…don’t matter here. Just tell me some of your favorites, maybe what it is like…color, flavor, just give me a little tease. Then as I try them, maybe I will give a little post about my experience with it.

So tell me what is your suggestion? Even if it isn’t wine, tell me what you like and why. Maybe I’ll try it and blog about it…preferably while I’m drinking it. lol


Kathryn said...

Now this is my kinda post! Okay, I'm currently into reds right now, but depending on how your palate is, I have a few reds and whites to suggest.

If you like sweet, go for a cabernet sauvignon (red) or a muscato (white) or a riesling (also white). Both of the whites I mentioned are sweeter than pinot grigio though, just keep in mind.

Also, white zinfindel is the trainer, the initiation wine, if you will, but I promise you that you'll never look back if you can find a good French muscato. (The best one I ever had was Muscat de Frontignon, but I've never found that in America.)

If you want a dryer wine, go for a pinot noir (red) or syrah (also red) or chardonnay (white). I've never been a chardonnay fan, but if you can find an Australian chardonnay, it'll be good. But in my humble opinion, steer clear of the South American whites... I don't find that they pair well with foods. Their reds, however, are magnificent.

Hope this helps! :)

Trisha Leaver said...

So my favorite wine is a Merlot by Joseph Carr. It's a Northern California wine. It's got a great woodsy taste.

Sangria-- now your talking my language. I love Sangria, especially in the summer when we are hanging out on the back deck with our feet in the sand and our kids playing on the beach. I make my own Sangira. Key is cheap Spanish table wine and green apple. Has to, absolutely has to be a green apple

Carla said...

I choose all but whiskey (from the title ;-)); but, if we're talkin' wine, I have a penchant for the reds. Though now that the weather is warm there's nothing like a nice refreshing white or white zinfandel.

Unfortunately for you, most of my favourites come from the Niagara Region of Ontario Canada, only about 3 hours from my hometown. I don't know how much Canadian wine they sell in Indiana, but if they do or you're ever in Ontario, I'd recommend Peller Estates Pinot Grigio and Trius Merlot, to name just one of each colour.

Inniskilin (and several others) also has an amazing late harvest vidal ice wine, and Niagara is the only region in the world that can properly produce ice wine because of the temperatures we get. Keep in mind that ice wine is very sweet so you'd have it for dessert, but paired with a sharp cheddar to cut the acidity, it's delicious. Be sure to swish it around over all of your taste buds first to warm it up and truly experience all of the flavours. Cheers!

Donna Hole said...

I drink wine, blush or white zinfendel. Cheap wine though. I keep a box of Franzia Sunset Blush in the fridge. It used to be Peter Vella blush, but something changed in my taste for it some time ago.

When I go out to restaurants however I like a reisling. (I treat myself well when I go out b/c I do it so rarely.) It hard to explain the taste though. The blush and zins kinda taste like a plump white grape. White wines are bitter - chardonays especially - and reds just have a heavy, almost too sweet flavor. Red licorice dipped in sweet pickle juice - though I love both those individually.

But I tell ya, when I'm going to one of my friends house for the evening, I bring a bottle of Wild Vines Blackberry Merlot. Or Raspberry Zinfendel. Almost like drinkning fruit juice. No alcohol taste at all - to me. Which is why I only drink it sometimes; I could get way to used to that.

BTW: I think Peachtree Schnapps was the first alcohol I liked too. Still one of my favorite drinks. The only "shot" I can do :)


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