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Friday, August 20, 2010

Deadly Sin # 6…Envy

Those who commit the sin of envy resent that another person has something they perceive themselves as lacking, and wish the other person to be deprived of it.

Okay, this one you can totally nail me for. It doesn’t rule my life, but I am…at times ENVIOUS of people who are published or agented. I know, it is not the right feelings to have but sometimes when you are burning the midnight oil and working  typing your fingers to the bone, you begin to wonder when it will happen for you. I in no way want anyone deprived of what they have already worked hard to achieve, just saying I wish I was thereJ

It is a little premature for me since I haven’t even really bit the bullet yet. I still need to tighten my finished manuscript, the QUERY before anything good can come from it. I am mentally prepared for it…or so I say. Easier said than done.

I suppose you could say that I am not delusional and know that I should expect rejections to come and I will deal with that in my own way when the time comes, but mentally training to be ready for it is the last thing that I am worried about. I am just trying to get my MS to the best it can be before I subject anyone to it.

I recently read Nathalie Whipple’s blog and how she talks about her critique partners and how she has certain ones that specialize in areas just amazes me. I am so new at all of this…a greenhorn at best, but appreciate being able to read others ideas and helpful hints to try and square out my own plan.

Since I am already so far off main subject, let’s get back shall we? What are you envious of or have you suffered from ENVY of any kind?


Cheryl said...

Envy is self-destructive. Sure, sometimes you wish you could be or do like someone else, but most of the times, I count my blessings.

I've got a lot to be grateful for. The other stuff? Let it go!

PK Hrezo said...

I envy those writers who get to make a living doing it. I'd gladly give up my day job for the op to bang away at my laptop all day and create. Deadlines? No prob! i don't mind working hard to get there, but I sure wish it would happen sooner rather than later.
I envy those who love their jobs!

Christi Corbett said...

The envy monster comes to visit occasionally but I tame it by remembering that someday, with a lot of hard work, I'll make it (hopefully)

Thanks for stopping by my blog,
Christi Corbett

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