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Friday, August 20, 2010

Do you have old cake mixes in your cabinets? Pitch ‘em!

I had a friend email me this the other day and I wanted to share with all of the other mom’s out there to help protect their precious angels and family members. This actually creeped me out knowing that this can actually happen.

A student at HBHS (high school) had pancakes this week and it almost became fatal.  His Mom (registered nurse) made him pancakes, dropped him off at school and headed to play tennis. She never takes her cell phone on the court but did this time and her son called to say he was having trouble breathing. She told him to go to the nurse immediately and proceeded to call school and alert the nurse. The nurse called the paramedics and they were there in 3 minutes and worked on the boy all the way to the hospital. He came so close to dying. Evidently this is more common then I ever knew. Check the expiration dates on packages like pancakes and cake mixes that have yeast which over time develop spores. Apparently, the mold that forms in old mixes can be toxic! Throw away ALL OUTDATED  pancake mix, brownie mixes, Bisquick, cake & cookie mixes, etc., you have in your home.

Tell this to your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces and anyone else who keeps these types of mixes in the cupboard.

P.P.S.  This warning especially applies to any person(s) with mold allergies.

This is confirmed on Snopes : 

PLEASE remember to check your cupboards when you get home tonight!!! Because I know what I will be doing tonight before editing my MS…

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