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Friday, September 3, 2010

Holiday and Holland...who would have thought??

Since this is a long weekend for me because my office is going to be closed on Monday, I am going to take advantage of the time off and spend time with some family that is coming over from Holland.

My husband's family are coming over for a visit. It is his Aunt Gusta. I can't wait to meet her, I am so excited. I really want to get the chance to go there and visit with her in Amsterdam as well some day.

I am also hoping to get some writing done and editing. I have another book idea floating around in my head but have a lot of unfinished business to take care of as well.

Also has anyone heard from our wonderful friend Laura Kaponer?? I haven't heard from her for some time and am missing her. So if anyone is in communico with her please tell her hello and that I miss her. Thank you.

Also, I did splurge and buy myself the purdiest little gadget...the iphone 4. I love it so. I am obsessed with it already and I have never owned one before. Please, no negative comments...let me enjoy my high. Now I can be internet friendly from my phone. Yeah.

Alright my precious friends. Please be careful and enjoy your holiday and weekend.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your family time too Regina! Hooray for long weekends!

Sam said...

Enjoy! Sounds like a great weekend in the works :) And enjoy your new gadget - I want one! (but not anytime soon). I haven't seen anything recent from Laura - so hopefully she is just busy enjoying what's left of the summer! BTW - if you are on Facebook, look me up!

PK Hrezo said...

I wondering about L:aura too. Haven't seen her blog or on WD for a long time. Perhaps we should send her a message.
Enjoy your iPhone! It's so nice to keep up with internet stuff from your phone!
Have a great weekend!

Regina said...

Nat-I know I can't wait to enjoy some time.

Sam - I am going to look you up on Facebook. I am envious of your helicopter ride.

PK - I sent Laura an email but haven't heard back yet, I'll keep you posted.

Cheryl said...

The iphones are great!

Is Laura the one going through a divorce? If so, she hasn't blogged in a month and I too hope she's okay.

Enjoy your visitors and writing time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've snooped around yours and will be back!
Christi Corbett

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