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No matter how hard you try, you will NEVER control anyone else's attitudes, actions, or outcomes. The only person that you have the ability to directly impact is you, and it is your responsibility to learn how to do just utilize the knowledge, skills, and abilities you have been given to impact the world in the most positive way that you can EVERY chance you get!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What is the worst thing a parent can do to their children?

Wow, this one is not going to be an easy one to write. For someone who has children and also works with a lot of children I would have to say that the worst thing that a parent can do to their children is abuse them. Yes, I said abuse them. Whether it is physical, sexual or emotional, all abuse has detrimental, lasting effects on children. I am around children who have been in these situations and some of them can not over come the deep scars that are embedded in them from someone that they have loved and trusted.

Some children are so severely emotionally scarred from their abuse that they find it difficult to ever bond normally in a nurturing, loving home with foster parents that care for them like their original parents should have. Therefore they grow up not knowing the proper ways to love or nurture their own offspring just perpetuating the cycle setting the next generation up to fail.

I plead to any parent who does not feel that they can care for their child. If they become too much to handle, please…please take them to someone else that can take care of them before you lay your hand on them to harm them in any fashion. If you know that you are sick in the head and find yourself thinking of children in a sexual way; please…please seek help and leave the children alone. Before you start yelling and belittling them…breathe, walk away, calm down and then talk to them when you are calm. I know it is hard, but they deserve better.

If there is anything that I have to remind myself is that these children did not go up to God when they were in heaven before they were born and say ”Excuse me God, but could I have that mommy there, and that daddy there!” as they point there little fingers down at us. They didn’t ask for us. We were blessed with them. They didn’t get to choose. We were entrusted with them to make decisions for them until they are old enough to make their own decisions. So please, think about it! I know that was harsh, but if you have seen a third of what I have seen you would agree.

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