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Friday, March 26, 2010

What would happen if there were no television? Why would this be good? Bad?

If there were no television then people would have to go back to some of the older forms of entertainment that brought joy to the masses before everyone in America had television. READING! Families read together, they played board games and outdoor sports. Bringing them closer and forging a bond that most families lack today. Television is the babysitter for the children while the parents cook, clean, grade homework, do their work and so on. Video games take over for the family interaction of the board games and the children learning to count money and read together.

There are so many things that we pass up to watch television that there have been times that we have thought about getting rid of ours. We haven’t, because who would want to miss their favorite shows or not have cartoons available when the little ones are cranky and you need them out of your hair for a bit. It is an accessible pacifier that we are all guilty of abusing.

Would it be good? Possibly. I could say HELL YEAH, because I want to be a novelist and if there were no television then more people would be reading and I might have a better chance at getting published and people might have to read my books for entertainment to their families at night or help their child learn to read. My books might be the book their teenager grows up remembering reading that impacted their life and helped mold them into the character they become.

I have never really been drawn to television much my entire life. There are few sitcoms that draw my attention…ok, I am addicted to House, but that is the only one I watch besides the occasional weekly NASCAR race. Music on the other hand, without music I would be lost. I always have music in the background nurturing me and soothing my soul.

Would not having television be a bad thing? Again…possibly. I know a lot of people depend on the television for late breaking news and weather reports to know what is going on around the world. So it is a toss up. Maybe it is good to have, but in moderation and we have lost that somewhere along the way. It is like a food addiction. Without moderation you become obese. Our house has become obese with television consumption. Again these are only my views and I do not intend to offend anyone with them.

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